The Church Media Foundation

The Church Media Foundation was established in the year 2005 by 24 largest parish unions and the Church Council of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support and promote producing, distributing and broadcasting programmes dealing with religion, ethical issues and values from the perspective of basic values of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland.


”The Foundation can give support for :

1) Developing the programmes
2) Scriptwriting and preparations of the programmes
3) Production
4) Distribution
5) Information, research, training and publication which deal with this programme field."

It is possible to support also international projects if one of the co-producers is from Finland and the programme will be shown also in Finland.

For further enquiries, please contact Mrs Anna Patronen, the General Secreratary of the Foundation

P.O.Box 210
00131 Helsinki

+35850 4723 031

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PL 210
00131 Helsinki

Eteläranta 8, Helsinki


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